What We're All About

Music, food, and awesome!

The children enjoy a mixture of short lessons focused on 4 foundational subjects; reading/ writing, language, math, and Bible. More recently, local friends of the school have volunteered their time to teach the kids music, and singing.

Once a week, lunch is provided after the final class, and final break, of the day.
Everybody loves music! Once a week, a local lady volunteers her time to teach the children traditional folk songs, as well as modern songs from local churches. Some of the songs are written in English, but most are Urdu, and are a ton of fun for all the kids!

This is one of the ways that Pakistan Christian School stands out in the community – its a place full of lots of smiles. Huzzah! Often, the weekly meal follows music class. A double-whammy that the children are really excited about.