How do you track the money, and what does this all cost?

Funds are raised in the USA through our 501(c)3 status organization. Each month, the US team sends an pre-agreed amount to the school leadership team (based on a 12 month budget), who keep double-record account ledgers, and receipts, for all expenditure. As the school has matured, so the monthly needs have stabilized, after initial start-up costs.

Securing the building, furniture, legal fees, and first months salary was a $4000 investment. Bringing the first 65 children into the school, and educating them 5 days a week, with meals (once a week), costs $2000 every month. That’s $30 per head!

It sure looks like we can (during the next school year) get up to 100 children for that $2000 mark. If we can pull it off, we’re looking at $20 per child, for a full education, and the opportunity to bring them out of the brick kilns!

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